Students Government

The Executive council is the supreme authority of KECOPSA (Kenya Coast Polytechnic Students Association) and has a mandate of  laying down the policy of KECOPSA and giving directions regarding the organization. It’s leadership is composed of the KECOPSA council,  the class representatives, hostel representatives and society leaders.


Membership of KECOPSA by every student upon admission to the Polytechnic (whether full time or part-time) upon payment of KECOPSA membership fee of ksh 600 per year , or such other amounts as may be fixed from time to time by the Polytechnic governing council.

The membership fee is be paid on termly basis of ksh 200 per term.

The KECOPSA membership fee once paid qualifies the students for membership until such time that the student obtains clearance from the Polytechnic.

The students is henceforth bound by the constitution and any resolutions and decisions of the KECOPSA  council.

The KECOPSA membership fee is paid through the Polytechnic bank account.


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