Applied Chemistry

1. Diploma in analytical chemistry

This is a course that trains personnel for working in chemical industries as technologists. The course equips the trainee with practical skills for working in industrial quality control laboratories, advanced research laboratories, laboratory management and analytical mind demanding situations. Safety for individuals working in the laboratories equipment maintenance and best laboratory practices are emphasized.

Graduates of this course qualify as second years for bachelor of technology in analytical chemistry. Both theory and practicals are emphasized. The trainee undertakes a closely supervised industrial attachment to expose them to real working situations. To ensure the learners can apply the acquired skills and knowledge they undertake a trade project as part of the examination and training.

Areas Covered

Chemical Analytical Methods and Biochemistry

  • Volumetric analysis
  • Gravimetric analysis
  • Separation methods
  • Bio molecules
  • Biochemistry techniques

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry


KCSE mean score of C with C- in chemistry or KNECK certificate in science laboratory technician (crslt)

Duration:3 years and 2 years for those with (CRSLT)

Examining Body:KNEC