Mechanical Engineering Department

Welcome to the mechanical engineering department at the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic. Thank you for your interest in mechanical engineering department.We at Kenya Coast National Polytechnic are focused to give you reliable technical knowledge, skills and attitudes including practical industrial experience organized and supervised by the college and the industry. Subjects at in Engineering include mechanical engineering science, materials technology and metallurgy, Engineering mathematics, Engineering metrology, Mechanics of machines, Fluid mechanics, strength of materials, Production technology and practice, welding and sheet metal work, Information Communication Technology, Entrepreneurship Education, etc.

The department has enjoyed a great modern equipment boost from the Kenya – The Netherlands TIVET project through the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology. Staff skill upgrading planned to cover the whole staff has its first phase done in the Netherlands and the second phase in-country training is scheduled to start in the institution any time soon. Kenya Coast National Polytechnic is currently the Regional Center of Excellence in technical training in the Coast region.