KCNP Management

The Principal is the Chief Executive Officer of the Polytechnic and an ex-officio member of the Council who also serves as the Secretary to the Council.

The Polytechnic’s Management comprises the following members:


Ms. Mary M. Muthoka

Chief Principal/Council Secretary


Mr. Show F. Kalama

Deputy Principal – Administration

Ms. Jane Kariuki

Deputy Principal – Academic Affairs










Mr. Julius M. Kasuva

Ag. Registrar

Mr. Elphas K. Muge

Ag. Dean of Students


CPA Clerkson Onyango Bolo

Financial Controller









Functions of the Management Board

The Management Board assists the Principal in the day-to-day management of the Polytechnic and is responsible for:

  1. The efficient management of the human, physical and financial resources of the Polytechnic;
  2. Making proposals to the Council and the Academic Board on policies that have application across the entire institution;
  3. Coordination of the Polytechnic strategic and development plans; and
  4. Any other matters related to the management of the Polytechnic.