Leadership & Governance

council members


 Council – 2017-2020. The Polytechnic is governed by  8 members of Council which is appointed by the Minister of Education on a renewable 3 year term. The powers and duties of Kenya Coast National Polytechnic(KCNP) Council includes:

(1) All documents, other than those required by law to be under seal, made on behalf of the Council, and all decisions of the Council may be signified under the hand of the Chairperson, the Principal or any other members of the Council generally or specifically authorized by the Council in that behalf.

(2) The Council shall ensure that a proper management structure is in place and to make sure that the structure functions to maintain corporate integrity, reputation and responsibility.

(3) The Council shall monitor and evaluate the implementation of strategies, policies, and management criteria and plans of the National Polytechnic.

(4) The Council shall constantly review the viability and financial sustainability of the National Polytechnic once every year.

(5) The Council shall ensure that the National Polytechnic complies with all the relevant laws, regulations, governance practices, accounting and auditing standards.