Guidance and Counseling

The Counseling Center contributes to the educational mission of Mombasa Technical Training Institute by providing a unique context in which students actively reflect on personal dimensions of their college experience.

We offer confidential and professional mental health services to students struggling with a variety of social, emotional and psychiatric problems (such as adjustment to college, depression, family problems, anxiety, sexual harassment and eating disorders).

We help students better understand their emotions, motivations, needs, and values, as well as their own identities and relationships with others, so that they can engage more fully in their academic and co-curricular lives at Mombasa Technical Training Institute.

We serve as a resource and advocate about mental health issues to the larger Mombasa Technical Training Institute community, and we seek to educate and promote wellness in the broadest possible context. Finally, we provide consultation, liaison and support to parents,students, lectures and staff who are concerned about our students.There are also outlined roles of departments and departmental counselors.