Afford Your Education

At first glance, Higher Education has seemed out of reach for most students and parents. At Kenya Coast National Polytechnic, we wish to help make students’ education a smooth transition into work industry. This section of the Student Financial Services will provide you with some information and strategies to make the attendance financially possible for you and your family, both while you’re attending and after you graduate. As with any budget, there are two sides: expenses and resources.


  • Tuition and fees
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Personal expenses (books, clothing, computer, transportation, utilities, entertainment, etc.)


  • Family contribution, including students’ savings (and for undergraduate students, their parents’ earnings, savings, parent loans, etc).
  • TIVET bursaries
  • Outside scholarships and grants
  • Higher Education Learning Board (HELB) loans
  • Term-time work (this can include research opportunities taken for pay during the academic-year)
  • Holiday work

Click on links below to view the tuition costs and available financial aids to current and prospective students: