Mombasa Technical Training Institute (MTTI) was established under the Education Act. The Institute was established on the strength of its technological background mainly in the area of Information Communication Technology. Its scope has however widened to cover other related areas in Engineering, Business and applied sciences among others. To enhance the Institute’s leading role in human resource and technological development, research has been identified as a critical and fundamental tool that can enable the Institute acquire a technological niche both locally and internationally.

MTTI is currently endowed with well-trained, qualified and committed personnel as well as specialized equipment. A research policy is therefore aimed at creating uniformity, transparency and internal efficiency in prioritizing, planning, implementing, and monitoring research projects. The policy will set relevant decisions and/or guidelines covering research priorities and national coordination, research funding, planning and administrative capacity building. Hence the research policy will ensure the Institute plays a significant role in achieving vision 2030 in line with its vision and mission. MTTI is therefore set to become the Institute of choice in nurturing innovation and talent in Science, Technology and Innovation.

The office of the Principal MTTI through RPEC coordinates research and extension activities and manages the commercialization of research findings including Intellectual Property Rights involved in research and extension. The MTTI research policy therefore aims at:

a) Ensuring staff are well trained and informed on new technologies and the institute research priority area

b) Ensuring that there is significant allocation of funds to the annual research budget

c) Motivating researchers at MTTI to seek for additional external research funds.

d) Enhancing external funding from private sector and donor agencies.

e) Creation of conducive environment for collaborative research for both national and international research partners.

f) Facilitating patenting and commercialization of research findings.

g) Encouraging provision of internal and external consultancy services.

This policy also provides guidelines for:

a) Sourcing for Research Funds, allocation and distribution

b) Detecting misconduct in research and determining the penalty.

c) Consultancy services and contracts that are related to research

d) Protecting intellectual property right (IPR).

e) Rewarding researchers and technical staff.

f) Establishing a state of the art research infrastructure.

g) Dissemination of research finding

h) Supporting development of research infrastructure

It is expected that this policy will facilitate research activities in the institute while giving it a competitive advantage both locally and internationally as it spearheads new technological developments.